The Marburger STEM Center is devoted to meeting the demands of a rapidly changing world. As technology continues to advance, developing innovative STEM education will become increasingly important for society.

We, at the Marburger STEM Center, believe hands-on, experiential learning is a powerful way to engage students and deepen their understanding of concepts. We place great emphasis on project-based, experiential learning approaches with opportunities for students to experience real-world problem-solving and experimentation.

The Marburger STEM Center is committed to diversity and inclusion in STEM education! Our mission and goal are to continue to increase awareness of STEM fields among underrepresented groups and address barriers that prevent access to educational resources, mentoring, and opportunities. We take pride in creating a community of STEM enthusiasts and professionals from a variety of backgrounds and walks of life who are committed to making a difference.


STEM Scholars Visits

Our premier outreach program designed for K-12 schools and organizations that want to introduce their students to STEM & Design professions through engaging hands-on workshops and presentations.


Extreme STEAM Saturdays

Open to high school students of all ages, Extreme STEAM Saturdays provides participants with interactive experiences in the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) fields.


K-12 Educator Professional Development

Expand your knowledge and enhance your skills through innovative and interactive workshops. Learn the latest teaching methodologies for incorporating STEAM principles into your lessons.


Summer Camps // High School

Innovative academic camps for students interested in engineering, technology, design, and science. Expert instructors will introduce you to the latest advancements in modern labs and studios on campus.


Summer STEM Series // Middle School

The S3 program includes problem-solving, teamwork, and place-based projects. Students acquire essential STEM knowledge and comprehension but also nurture skills that are applicable across their future academic endeavors and social interactions.